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Greg from San Diego, CA

About was developed to meet the needs of serious real estate investors who would rather know more about a property's financial picture and less about the wallpaper in the family room. In other words, was created to help investors find properties that feature the best financial profiles, not necessarily properties with the prettiest decorator touches.

As the real estate market resets, savvy investors are finding tremendous opportunities throughout the United States, and billions of dollars will be made by these investors in the coming months and years. But billions could also be lost; lost to poor investment decisions based on "gut feelings" or inaccurate data and forecasts. That's why was developed - to take the guesswork out of property selection, and to put the power of sophisticated investment analysis into the hands of everyday investors with the wisdom and insight to recognize truly generational opportunity when it knocks. integrates the latest investment inventory data with truly revolutionary financial analysis software to create a one-stop tool for making important investment decisions. The FE-Score provided for each property takes literally thousands and investment factors, analyzes and weights each of them for relative importance, and produces a single number indicating projected investment quality. Think of the FE-Score as a "credit score" for investment properties, enabling fast, highly-reliable comparisons of investment properties without going through the drudgery of pencil-and-paper or spreadsheet analyses. exists to make it easier for you to make sound investment decisions, and to get to the best properties while other investors are still crunching numbers. It's really that simple. is your advantage in today's rapidly-changing real estate marketplace.

A note to our listing partners: is not a real estate brokerage and does not list property, but instead derives all listing data from IDX and other open sources. By providing the ability of investors and other buyers to search by financial criteria and not just property features, extends the utility of these data and drives traffic back to the listing agency or data source. The result is more and better exposure to property listings, providing the potential for a more fluid inventory and faster sales. is grateful to those listing sources contributing to IDX and other data sources, and looks forward to adding utility and value to the market by bringing critical analytical insight to the everyday homebuyer and investor. No more guesswork.